Acadia Activities -by Darren Corson

This great state has many opportunities and things to see and enjoy. One of these is Acadia National Park on Mt Desert Island. This is a huge and very massive place. It is on the rocky coast of Maine.

At Acadia there is many things to do and see. You can go to the top of Cadillac
Mountain and get some great views and photos. You can often be the first to see the sunrise in the US from Cadillac. Then there is the lighthouse at Bass Harbor. There is a couple of trails that will let you get access to shoot some photos of this beautiful old lighthouse. There is always the many trails and wild gardens thru out the park. My personal Favorite part of the park is the Park Loop Road. It is 27 miles long and is open most of the year and some parts all year. Thunder Hole is the best place on Park Loop Road. This is a very special and unique place. At high tide and when big storms come through, the water rushes into a narrow pass and makes a thunder like sound. It is a wonderful and peaceful place. There is also one large rock out off shore that creates some awesome wave shots. The best place to shoot though is the narrow pass it creates some very cool water forms and shapes.

When going to Acadia I suggest that you dress and bring the proper gear for what you plan to do for the day. You should always tell someone where and what you will be doing in case of emergency. You can also check the web site for dates and when the specific section you want to visit is open.

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