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Exploring the Scarborough Marsh on Two Wheels
By Cathy Genthner

You’re likely to see a blue heron nestled among the marsh reeds, hear the piercing cries of bickering seagulls overhead, smell the stingy salt air and witness an angler pull in a striper all while you are bicycling on the Eastern Trail that cuts through the center of the Scarborough Marsh. It is one of the most stimulating and sensual bicycling experiences in Maine.
“We think it is a unique experience that one can encounter while on the most popular and visible section of the trail,” said Bob Hamblen, a vice president for the Eastern Trail Alliance. “You can come by on any given day and see birders, bird hunters during hunting season, fishermen, canoeists, runners and bicyclists.”
Seals have also been seen swimming under the bridge that crosses the Dunstan River on the trail just off of the Pine Point Road. Eagles, along with an extensive list of birds have also been spotted.
“People come from all around the world to take in the habitat. There are countless birds and seals. It is a wildlife sanctuary and is protected by the state of Maine. It is dust free, smoke free and fumes free,” said John Andrews, the president of the Eastern Trail Alliance. “The marsh changes every hour as the sun goes across the clouds. It is just a beautiful place to go biking.”
The trail through the Scarborough Marsh is one segment of the 65-mile long trail that runs from Kittery to Portland. The trail traversing the marsh begins on Eastern Road (off of Black Point Road) in Scarborough and heading south, goes for three miles to Pine Point Road and then to Old Blue Point Road. There are parking lots for vehicles and kiosks where the trail intersects the roads.
“It is great for families and the trail is flat. It is on the old eastern rail line and consists of an improved gravel surface. Any kind of bicycle – or bicyclist – can handle the trail,” said Hamblen. “You can be five or 75 years old and have a great time riding on that trail.”
The trail is a very easy ride for the inexperienced or out of shape bicyclist, families with young children as well as those who are experienced cyclists. In your bike pack, be sure to bring along a camera to get some great photos of the marsh and its inhabitant or even a collapsible fishing pole if you want to cast out a line.

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