Eagles -by Darren Corsen

On a cold winters day, on an ice covered pond, while doing some ice fishing I saw an
eagle. This was a beautiful site. I thought about this for the next couple of days,
how this bird is a symbol of the greatest country in the world.

I decided to try to get some pictures up close of this great bird. The next weekend
I took   my point and shoot camera to the pond to get some photos.  I waited and
waited for him to come and get a pickerel that we had caught and could not save to
put back. Just as I turned my back he started for the fish. I ran for the camera and
almost fell but I grabbed it and got some not so good shots. This is when I decided
to get serious about photography and buy a DSLR. You do not need a DSLR to shoot
eagles or anything else but it is a lot easier when you can use different lens and

The next winter I was ready to shoot some eagle photos. My friend Eric and I were
out doing some water fall shots with ice and were on our way home when we spotted
two eagles flying overhead. They were flying over a lake and there were people ice
fishing. We parked the jeep and I headed across the lake to where the eagle had
landed in a big pine tree. What a perfect shot that would make. The American Eagle
in the Maine State Tree the White Pine. As I was sneaking up to him he flew off. I
just started to shot the magnificent bird as he flew over head trying to figure out
what I was up too. He flew straight over me and I was able to get some great shots.
It was not the shot I had hoped for but it was an awesome experience any way.

Taking photographs of eagles is just one more of the fun and exciting things to do
and photograph in Maine. Maine has so much to offer.

This area of photography takes some patience and research to find where the eagles
are. They are around water, fields and trees. It also takes some work to get close
enough to get a good shot. You will need a good lens that will zoom in from a long
way away to get an up close shot. When you find where they are be patient and still
as possible and they will come and you can get some great shots.

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