Fishing in Maine

Family fishing trip in Maine

Ice Fishing Adventure

The hunting and fishing in Maine has declined in the recent years. This is in partbecause of all the modern technology and there is so much for kids and adults to do these days.
When I was a kid growing up my dad and I went on many fishing trips up north to
Millinocket. It was an important part of my childhood and helped shape who I am
today. This time I spent with my dad was priceless. My dad past away October 18,
1990. I will never forget the fun times we had on these trips.

The last couple of years My wife’s whole family and mine go to East Grand Lake rent
a camp, fish, eat and relax as a family. My kids think they are on a trip of a life
time. Little do they know they are. They are learning valuable life lessons that
they will use for the rest of there lives.

The sport of fishing and hunting can teach our kids many life lessons that they can
use thru life. They learn these with out even knowing they are learning them. It is a
great family bonding activity. We as adults can’t let die out.

There are many lakes rivers and brooks to go fishing at in Maine. We can use our new
technology to get all the info we need to find different places to go hunting and
fishing. We can use this technology together with old activities to make our kids
solid citizens for the future. -By Darren Corson

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