Hot Air Ballooning in Maine

Hot Air Ballooning in Maine

by Marissa Gianino

From lift off to landing, hot air ballooning is one of the most exciting and scenic outdoor Maine activities! I could not wait to share my experience after riding in a hot air balloon 2,000 feet up. I truly had the chance of a lifetime.

View from a hot air balloon

View from a hot air balloon. Photo by Marissa Gianino

As a part of Lewiston/Auburn’s Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival, I experienced both a breathtaking aerial view and an even more amazing sight around me. The surrounding sky was filled with several other hot air balloons of different colors, patterns, and sizes. The entire experience exceeded any expectations I held of hot air ballooning.

Balloon in flight

Balloon in flight. Photo by Marissa Gianino


Another fun part of the trip was watching the pilot and grounds crew while they set up for the launch. Since the wind, rather than the pilot, chooses where we will land, the crew follows in their vehicles from below so they can be ready to help pack up. I was intrigued by the whole process from start to finish. A celebratory champagne toast with the pilot, crew members, and landowners (who also were unaware of our landing) brought our Maine adventure to an end. Cheers to a centuries-old Maine tradition! I am already looking forward to next summer’s balloon festival and another leisurely flight above Lewiston/Auburn!

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