Maine Fun Parks

Maine Family Fun Parks

Since our family oriented Activities Guide and Fun Parks are synonymous with each other we are showcasing Maine’s Family Fun Parks by providing a state map of locations and highlighting specific amenities, rides and attractions each offer. Photos and editorial supplied by participating parks are welcome. We will also provide a calendar of openings and special event schedules for each park that our readers won’t want to miss in 2012.

Maine Fun Parks

York Wild Kingdom

York wild ride!

There are many things to do in Maine in the summer time. Like fishing, camping,
hiking and many more. If you have kids amusement parks are so much fun to go to.

There are a few varieties in the southern Maine area like the water parks in Saco such
as Aquaboggan and Fun Town Splash Town.

The best park I think for these types is Fun Town Splash Town they have everything
for the very little kids to the adults. You can bring your own lunch or buy it there
and make a day out of it. They have the best of both worlds a water park and a
regular amusement park as well. They have a near perfect mix of the old favorites
and newer rides as well.

Then there is the little jewel by the name of York’s Wild Animal Kingdom in York
Maine. They have wild animals from all over the world. You can experience animals
that you would have to other wise travel far a way and spend big money to go to see.
They too have an amusement park and have the option of bringing your own lunch or
buying it on site.

In Gray Maine the state runs a little animal park. It consists of the animals that
are wild in the state. A person could live here all there lives and never see all of
them in the wild. It is a great experience for all ages.

These are just a few of the parks in Maine. There is so much to see and do in the
great state of Maine. -Blog  By Darren Corson

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