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Houston Brook Falls

Photographing Houston Brook Falls

Getting the kids out of the house for some hiking and photography is a great way for
exercise and bonding for when they get to the teen years. It allows you to teach
respect for the outdoors and for them to see what is out there besides video games
and tv.

As winter fast approaches I was reminded I promised my two kids that I would take
them to a big waterfall. So today we got up, took their mother out to breakfast then
headed north to the town of Bingham to see Houston Brook Falls.

I had tried to find this falls on two previous occasions. After finding it today I
found out we simply drove right past it. You just need to go to the transfer station
on route 16 in Bingham. You can park right there and the trail is on the left.

When water falling with kids it is a little more challenging. It can be steep in places and slippery. All you have to do is take your time and pay close attention to what you are doing.

The kids absolutely loved this adventure. The best part of it is we got to do it
together and spend quality time in the great outdoors. It only cost the money for
gas. Gas is not that cheap these days but still a cheap day. As I have said before water falling is a cheap and fun activity for the whole family. -Darren Corson

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