Volunteering at Maine Handicapped Skiing

Maine handicapped skiing

Maine Handicapped Skiing

I volunteer at Maine Handicapped Skiing at Sunday River. It is just an inspiration to work with their participants. Believe it or not, I was up there on the coldest day in two years. I drove all the way up there and wasn’t even sure if it was cancelled or not. Sure enough, it was open! I ran into a guy getting changed in the locker room, and the first thing he said to me was “Quite a heat wave out there isn’t it?” I laughed and said “Yeah, downright BALMY!” Little did I know it was he that I would work with that day. He was gung-ho to be out there having fun. With the exception of the sub-zero temps with a little breeze, the conditions were phenomenal — nice snow and bluebird skies. We would take a few runs and take a break and do few runs and take a break, all day. He taught me a lot actually. But volunteering there is special to me because I get to combine two loves of mine: sports medicine and snowboarding to help other people. Volunteer activities divert your attention from the norm, unties you from work, and forces you to focus on something else — in this case, it’s helping others. That just feels good in so many ways!

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