Maine’s Covered Bridges – by Darren Corsen

A little known secret in Maine is our covered bridges. There is many of
them throughout the state. Last winter a friend and I struck out on a
mission to photograph some of these bridges. These can go from footbridges
to snowmobile and ATV bridges to automobile bridges.

The great thing about shooting covered bridges is you can drive to them.
It takes little effort to get some great shots and does not take much
planning. Western Maine has many of these bridges in a relatively small
area. The best one is on state route 15 in Guilford. This bridge was
rebuilt after being washed out in a flood. It was rebuilt exactly as it
was originally. It is truly a beautiful site to photograph.

I find this subject best shot in winter. This is strictly my personal preference.

So if you are looking for a great time and need to get outside. Taking
photos of covered bridges is a great time. It only takes dependable
transportation, gas money, and a camera. A tripod is optional. Get out and
see the great state of Maine.

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