A visit to the Maine State Museum, Augusta, Maine

Well, we are finally getting some much needed rain, and now is a perfect time to visit one of Maine’s excellent museums. Today, my son and I spent a couple of hours (although it could take MUCH longer to see everything!) at the Maine State Museum in Augusta, Maine. There are extensive exhibits covering every bit of Maine history – including life in Maine, Maine industry, natural history, Maine wildlife, Maine minerals, and so much more! Take the time to visit, you’ll be glad you did.

Northeast fish species

As you can imagine, there are extensive exhibits covering Maine fisheries and species.

Maine sardine packaging from Maine's sardine heyday.

Maine sardine packaging from Maine's sardine heyday.

The Lumberman's Pride wedge axe

The Lumberman's Pride wedge axe, produced in Oakland, Maine

Example of a Maine sawmill

The lumber exhibit is a fascinating look at Maine's logging history.

Maine moose

The Maine wildlife exhibit is one of our favorites!

Maine tourmaline

There are some astounding examples of Maine gems at the museum.

The Peary Maine tourmaline necklace

In 1913, Arctic explorer Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary gave his wife, Josephine, this amazing necklace made of Maine tourmaline, for her fiftieth birthday.

Maine 60s home

Another or our favorite exhibits is the 'At Home In Maine' exhibit.

Granite quarrying

Granite quarrying..as my son said "I'd hate to be the horse that hauls that wagon!"

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!

Cider press

An old cider press, part of Maine's agricultural history.

A sweet collection of flies

A sweet collection of flies

Birchbark canoe

The Native American collection at the Maine State Museum is world-class.

Dirigo: "I lead"

Dirigo: "I lead". Indeed...

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