Waterfalling in Maine- by Darren Corson

Water falling is an inexpensive adventure for the professional or hobbyist
photographer. It only takes a camera, tripod, gas money, good hiking shoes, back
pack and sometimes a vehicle with a high suspension. Most of the water falls have
good access from which you can drive a car to and hike the rest of the way. This is
a major part of the fun of water falling.

There are many waterfalls to see in Maine some big some not so big. Size is not
always important in water falling. Bigger is not always better. I use a few
different ways to find and plan a day water falling. I start with a book by Greg
Parsons and Kate Watson called New England Waterfalls. This is a very good reference
for the main waterfalls in New England. I then go to the internet and look up GPS
coordinates and I pick out 4 or 5 in one general area and head out for a great time
water falling.

Water falling is an activity for all ages I have done most of it with my great
friend Eric from  Milwaukee who has taught me how to shoot water and has made as
much fun as it is. I also take my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son. They
really love getting in the out doors and using there cameras anytime they can. When
you are old enough to use a camera you can water go water falling. Both of my
children already take wonderful photographs. It is a very relaxing and rewarding
activity. Water falling is also a way to get some exercise and see this wonderful

Some of my Favorite waterfalls are Step Falls, Frenchmen’s Hole, Moxie Falls, Ellis
Falls, Hay Brook Falls and Heald Stream Falls. These are also very easy access. They
are either road side or easy peaceful hikes.

There is multitudes of information on line and in books on these waterfalls. I would
like to show this as a new sport for photographers. Professional and the hobbyist to

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