Young’s Lobster Pound Experience – by Darren Corsen

Having grown up in Belfast, Me I have seen this small city go threw many changes
over 35 years. Some for the good and some for the not so good. One thing that has
not changed is the experience one gets at Young’s Lobster Pound. They have been in
business for 81 years. How many companies can boost that record.

Young’s started out in a little building on the side of route 1 in Belfast. It was a
modest building in comparison to the current building which they moved to in 1970.
The fill that the new building sits on was hauled in when the new bridge across the
river was built. Young’s is a family owed business and has been owned by the young’s
from day one.

Going to young’s is an experience not just a high quality meal for a fair price.
Young’s is a true Maine lobster pound. Young’s appearance is much like it was when I
was a kid. I often go there just to chat with the owners who I grew up with and went
to school with. When I went there to get the info for this article the owner Raymond
Young handed me two containers of fresh Tamale. Many of the employee’s at Young’s
always remember that I like Tamale. Considering the amount of people that have ate
or had take out from Young’s that is saying a lot. It is just one small example of
the service Young’s provides. They will ship seafood any where you need it to go.
Every thing at Young’s is done with a smile and a true Maine attitude.

Most of the crew at Young’s is family. Raymond and his wife Katrina and there two
daughters. Dianne Parker Raymond’s sister who also grew up in the business. Dianne
is a big part of the family business.

If in the Belfast area make sure you go to Young’s for a true Maine experience and a
great lobster diner.

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