Maine Alpacas

Why Wear Alpaca?

by Leigh Macmillen Hayes

Alpacas are bred for their fiber, which is often referred to as “the fiber of the Gods” due to the luxurious qualities. Alpaca fiber is soft, lightweight, water and oil resistant, and is considered to be hypoallergenic. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber has no lanolin or oils that cause itch. You can wear alpaca directly on your skin without causing any irritation. Alpaca fiber is very fine. This is what makes such soft, lightweight yarns for knitting into beautiful garments. You’ll get five times the warmth of sheep’s wool, without carrying around any of the extra weight.

Alpaca Photo Alpaca fiber apparel is good choice for winter wear, providing superb warmth and comfort to you while you enjoy all your outdoor activities. Similar to the properties of SmartWool, alpaca fiber draws moisture away from your skin. Unlike SmartWool, alpaca fiber is completely natural and requires no harsh chemicals to clean or treat the fiber. Our store is packed with winter wear and fashionable garments. Each item is made with domestic fiber. Many of our pieces are hand crafted and one-of-a-kind.

In addition to clothing and accessories, the fiber can be used for pillows, curtains, and blankets. Recognizing all the beneficial characteristics of alpaca fiber, the North American fiber industry is growing and expanding its use of it in many ways.


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