Celebrating 35 Years: Activities Guide of Maine

35th Anniversary – 2019

The 35th edition of the Activities Guide of Maine is dedicated to the founding publishers, my parents, who both were still a major part of the sales and operations of each magazine, months before each of their passing. Both started this new career in their early 50s, just as they were getting close to retirement and technology was archaic.

Mom and Dad, look how far we have come since 1984! To Mom—whose unconditional love for me and all my siblings, has taught us to always be positive, keep smiling, and to keep pushing forward. She was a true matriarch. While raising a family, she became the top grossing sales person the last 15 years of her publishing and sales career. She played a huge part in the production of every magazine as she and my Dad would stay up until dawn for three days straight, laying out the magazine on light boards and using the very first desktop Mac computer with the PageMaker program. She did the “paste ups” literally, using Elmer’s glue to add all the little clip art and fun sketches that brought life and humor to pages of the Regional Activities Guide of Maine before the digital era. She was a renowned cook, homemaker and entertainer; her famous hors d’oeuvres recipes made appearances in every magazine (recipes which I would like to bring back to future issues).

Activities Guide of Maine - First issue

Our first issue, 48 pages, was filled with mom’s recipes, Maine history, and travel anecdotes.

Tribute to Firemen (1987-88)

Tribute to State Troopers (1991)

Tribute to Coast Guard (1990)

25th Anniversary Issue





My first issue doing Portland Sales

To Dad—the consummate salesman, who lit up a room and had the gift of being an expert conversationalist. He asked a lot of questions and would actively listen to get to know a new acquaintance or offer family members some knowledgeable advice. He had a sincere interest in people and relationships were always important, which was also evident in his sales accounts. Dad was a great teacher and planted goals in all of us in hopes they would grow and flourish.

I remember riding along on sales visits with both Mom and Dad when I was a kid; it always seemed like they were meeting old friends with hugs and handshakes. I could see that the advertising relationships were deeper than contracts and marketing.

Both were loved by their advertising partners and built relationships they valued and this is something I hope to do as we move our publishing titles forward.

As part of our remembrance for this issue, we lost Ellie Stengle, a veteran of our Sales team who passed away last November. She is greatly missed.

I would like to acknowledge the talented team that has brought you our 35th edition. Their amazing work has taken the Activities Guide of Maine, and our sister media titles, RaceME and the Maine Brew & Bev Guide, to the next level. My deepest gratitude to all: Jim Harnedy for more than 25 years of sales and editing, Larissa Davis, Kristina Roderick, Mike Leonard, Kay Stephens, and Robin Bean—you all are VIPs!

Stanley J. Rintz, III

I close with a heartfelt acknowledgement to my wife, Elizabeth, for all her encouragement and assistance throughout our adventure together.

See you out there!

Stanley J. Rintz, III

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