Behind The Page: Meet staff freelance art director, Larissa Davis

As part of our campaign, #keepourspiritsupmaine we’re turning the interview process inside out and asking our freelance staff of Maine Brew & Bev Guide and Activities Guide of Maine what keeps them upbeat and resilient during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 –and what they’re doing to stay happy, connected, and forward-thinking this fall.

Q: What is your freelance specialty and what do you do for Activities Guide / Maine Brew & Bev Guide? 

I am an artist focusing on painting, poetry, song, and movement. I receive great support and inspiration from nature, especially immersing myself in bodies of moving water and climbing cliffs. I assist Stan and the amazing team at Maine Brew & Bev Guide & Activities Guide as an art director.

Q: What is your favorite local Maine craft beverage? 

My favorite beverage is kombucha for the amazing health benefits!

Q: Personally, has COVID-19 experience changed your freelance work, and if so, in what way? 

This experience has definitely changed my life. The biggest change has been toward more and more understanding that I have got to do what my heart calls me to do. There is less and less ability for me to do things that I do not enjoy and feel inspired by. Sometimes, this means I have to stop doing graphic design work for a time. I feel that, ironically, as our freedoms are being restricted externally that within myself I am being freed from many of the beliefs and ideas that kept me doing things that did not bring me joy! It has also given me a deeper love for nature and a passion to protect it.

Q: What do you do to keep your spirits up and stay resilient? 

I paint, sing, walk in the wilds, dive in the waters, explore with friends and family, and consciously choose a path of happiness.

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