Behind The Page: Meet staff freelance writer, Matthew Brown

As part of our campaign, #keepourspiritsupmaine we’re turning the interview process inside out and asking our freelance staff of Maine Brew & Bev Guide and Activities Guide of Maine what keeps them upbeat and resilient during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 –and what they’re doing to stay happy, connected, and forward-thinking this fall.

Q: What is your freelance specialty and what do you do for Activities Guide / Maine Brew & Bev Guide?
A: I’m a contributing beer writer. I like to focus on not only who is making delicious beer, but also the history and stories behind our favorite styles.

Q: What is your favorite local Maine craft beverage?
A: Allagash’s River Trip. Every day, all day, and twice on Sundays. That beer is transcendent.

Q: Personally, has COVID-19 experience changed your freelance work, and if so, in what way?
A: My favorite part of my work is meeting with the people, brewers, the locations, and the faces behind our great fermentations statewide. Being stuck at home or simply unable to see these people eye-to-eye is not only challenging, it saddens me. Nothing makes me more joyous in my work than shaking a hand, a clap on the back, and hearty laughter over a libation. I miss the interactions and ability to exercise my extrovert nature.

Q: What do you do to keep your spirits up and stay resilient?
A: I homebrew – a lot. I research styles and read about craft. I try to absorb all I can about the art of brewing. And, while socially distanced, I like to talk to our venerated members of the beer community for their input and thoughts on where craft is and our responses to it. Although my social sphere has withdrawn considerably, I am nonetheless still reaching out to our community to stay connected and to support them. Maine breweries are an essential part of the ecosystem for the state on so many levels. I’m honored to wave their banners far and wide.

Matthew Brown is a Portland resident, a Certified Cicerone(SM), an avid homebrewer and a financial planner.

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