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Activities Guide of Maine (5 jobs)
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Falmouth, Maine
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Mission and Vision

Our vision as a magazine is to motivate people to experience the many diverse activities of Maine by promoting the adventures of this great big playground we call home. Our readers consist of adventure seeking singles, couples and families with interest in experiencing fun new ways to explore and challenge themselves.

Started in 1984 Activity Maine is the premier magazine for promoting Maine’s best adventures that take place right here in a world class environment with genuine hospitality. We feature all types of awesome recreational events, charters and activities plus award winning dining and accommodations, if it’s adventurous it’s in here- Activity Maine we are creating healthy addictions!

“I enjoy the networking opportunities, adventure and travel. Working here has opened my door to new interests that I never knew I had! “
Employee Benefits

Our employees enjoy flexible schedules
An invigorating wellness program
High commission payout’s
One on one sales training with supportive educational materials and websites
Negotiable benefits package after 1 year of successful employment

Activities Guide of Maine looks to support the health of our communities and to illustrate how a daily dose of fun and exercise can impact your health and wellness. This year’s wellness feature is being promoted by local health care providers such as hospitals, orthopedic/physical therapy clinics, as well as fitness facilities, outdoor recreation outfitters and health food stores. Individually, our employees volunteer with the Maine handicap skiing program and participate in charitable road races.

“I thought I’d drop you a note and let you know that we have many different tourism magazines on our shelf, as you know. Guess which one people pick up the most. YOURS!! It is amazing! They will stand there and look at them all and then often pick up your book.”

-Fran, Mollyocket Motel

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