2018 Running Gear Trends

What’s New in Running Gear for 2018

Brooks Men's Levitate Running ShoeRaceME sat down with John Rogers, owner of Fleet Feet Sports Maine Running in Portland Maine, and Erin Flatley, Marketing Manager, to learn about trends we can expect to see in running gear this year.

Starting with shoe trends, John says, “I see the future of shoe innovations continue to be aided by the latest technology in 3D imaging and scanning. This precise data combined with in-store gait analysis, makes it easier to assess proper sizing based on a person’s foot type, individual shape of arches and pressure points. These advanced imaging tools give us more accurate details for measuring gait characteristics from ‘heel strike’ to ‘toe off’ with significant information in real time. In the future, I see more shoe stores having the ability to make customized shoes right in the store.”


Perfect fit with fit id™ at Fleet Feet Sports & Runningfit id™ creates a 3D scan of a person’s feet and provides specific measurements including foot width, length, and arch height. The scan takes five seconds to complete and appears on an in-store tablet, allowing the fit specialist to review, discuss observations, and find solutions together with the individual. Customers can get rescanned on future visits so Fleet Feet Sports staff can discuss any changes in measurements. fit id™ helps create a powerful in-store experience for customers that is free and they can’t get online. The technology also includes a kids’ scanning feature which incorporates a gaming element into the scanning process.

Erin is seeing another popular trend in shoe technology.
“I see shoe manufacturers being more aggressive with their midsole material and new products are trending toward increasing the energy return from the shoe back to the person with every stride.”

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam running shoeCarson Caprara, director of global product line management for Brooks Running says, “The Levitate features our revolutionary new midsole technology that releases energy straight back to the runner, making the experience so much fun they might feel like running forever.”

Other shoe companies have their own proprietary and innovative midsole material. Nike’s midsole material is called React, while Saucony’s uses their EVERUN material and New Balance features Fresh Foam. The technology in the midsole foam is also working toward more resilient and durable material to last longer over time.

Garmin 645 Wrist Watch

Garmin 645 WristwatchEnhance your run with the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music GPS watch. Technology is improving for more than running shoes this year. Garmin made this watch with runners in mind, the watch has music streaming, Garmin Pay and heart-rate tracking.

Notable Features

  • On-device music storage lets you run with your favorite tunes; download up to 500 songs and connect with Bluetooth headphones (not included) for phone-free listening
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution lets you make convenient payments with your watch, so you can leave your cash and cards at home
  • Tracks speed, distance, steps and calories burned, heart rate as well as advanced running dynamics including ground contact time, balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more.



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