Safety Gear for the Road

As many of you stack firewood or get the oil tanks filled preparing for the next storm, it’s a good time to prepare your vehicle for winter travel as well. Here are a few items that you should always have in an emergency kit in your vehicle.

For the vehicle

  • A good set of jumper cables
  • Tow strap or chain
  • A full-size spare tire if possible
  • A basic tool kit
  • Road flares

For you and passengers

A backpack or a tote in your trunk should contain batteries, a flashlight, an emergency radio, a space blanket and/or winter sleeping bag, an extra pair of socks, gloves and a hat, water and snacks (especially high-energy bars), matches and/or a lighter, candles, a first aid kit, a knife/multi tool, and a small shovel.

Most people who live in the Northeast and in very rural areas need to carry the above items at a minimum. It is easy to plan for an outdoor adventure such as skiing, camping or ice fishing, but if you find yourself stranded between point A and point B, it could be a life-or-death situation if you have not prepared accordingly. If you’re going to venture out, make sure to rip this page out, tape it to your dashboard, and buy these items before the ice and snow start to fly. 

— Text & Photo: Alex Ribar

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