Avtitiy Maine's tips for staying calm, strong, and healthy while distancing ourselves socially

Staying Calm, Strong and Healthy During Social Distancing

With the levels of stress so high right now, self care is very important! There are many things you can do from home to get exercise and relieve stress. Try biking, walking/running outside, hiking in the woods, eating nutritious food and hydrating well. Take care of your mind and stress levels by getting good sleep, meditation, yoga, journaling, and deep breathing exercises. Catch up with your family and friends on the phone or video chat.

Biking in Aroostook County. Photo: John Hafford.

Photo: John Hafford

Good sleep is critical.

Recent studies show that sleep may be your best ally for staying healthy, so here are some basic tips for getting better sleep. Light to moderate exercise during the day or morning helps most people sleep better at night. Unwind 1 to 2 hours before bed, which means no digital devices or screens. Take a shower or bath to relax and keep your room cool and dark. Before bed, think thoughts of gratitude — what you are thankful for — and then shut out the world. Focus on what you notice going on in your body first, then once you scan your body systems, focus on your breath. Notice its sensations getting lighter, and then drift off to sleep.

Boost your levels of Vitamin D.

Next, we recommend, if you are able to go outside, that you get 20 or more minutes of direct sunlight at a time. Vitamin D that is produced from sunlight being absorbed by your exposed skin is a huge immune and mood booster. If you can’t get outside, find a sunlit part of a room and soak in the warmth of the sun on your exposed skin. Although sunlight through windows is not as powerful, it still has a healing and relaxing effect, and you can safely stay in it for longer periods.

Give your mind a rest.

Break away from the news and social media. While it is very important to stay informed on a daily basis with the rapid changes going on, it is also important not to be glued to it. There is a limit to what your mind can take and you need to be mindful of the toll that sedentary preoccupation with constant watching of devices has on your body and mood. Check updates in the morning and evening, and take notice of any special announcements for your state or areas when they are released.

For those of you home with the kids for the next two weeks, here is a link for 15 Fun And Easy Family Activities That You Can Do At Home:


We look forward to the day when we can start to transition from “Social Distancing” and we can release our event recommendations with low or no risk of virus transmission. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

— The Crew at Activity Maine

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