Snowmobiling in Maine

Maine Snowmobile Trails

Along with skiing, riding, cross country skiing and ice fishing, Maine is also a winter wonderland for snowmobilers, with hundreds of miles of amazing trails, Maine is the place to be for snowmobile enthusiasts. Here’s a handy link for Maine Snowmobile Trail Maps.

Snowmobiling in Maine
By Cathy Genthner

Downtown Millinocket is one of the few places in the world that hosts a snowmobile parade right through the middle of its business section on Penobscot Avenue, every year in celebration of Winterfest. The festivities this year begin on February 17 at 6 p.m. on Friday with a parade through the downtown, followed by an antique snowmobile show and rides on Saturday, along with an ice fishing derby, poker run and other events.
“We have some of the best trails in Maine and I don’t know of any other downtown where they actually put snow on the streets so the snowmobilers can have smooth riding for their parade,” said Jean Boddy, the office coordinator of the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce.
The Cushman Family of Gorham loves to go snowmobiling with all of their four sons as well as friends they’ve made through the sport. They especially love attending the snowmobile festivals held at various locations throughout the state.

Snowmobilers and nordic skiiers alike enjoy Maine's many multi-use trails.

Snowmobilers and nordic skiiers alike enjoy Maine's many multi-use trails. Photo courtesy of Cathy Genthner

“We look at snowmobiling as a tool to bring families together and repair relationships. The snowmobile culture consists of clubs that are all part of one big family,” said Jennifer Cushman of Gorham. “We are members of the Snow Valley Sno-Goers in Andover and we hold each other responsible for being respectful when riding and mindful of landowners and their property.”
There are almost 300 snowmobile clubs in Maine that have worked hard to foster good landowner relations and to promote snowmobile safety and education. Clubs host many of the yearly festivals and events that include activities even for those who don’t snowmobile.
“When you pull in to a town to get gas, you can get a meal and then go shopping or stay at a hotel,” said Cushman. “Also, there are so many snowmobile clubs that have potluck or bean suppers and they always have something going on. You find when you start snowmobiling; you make a lot of new friends and see some really beautiful places in Maine.”
Maine has more than 14,500 miles of snowmobile trails – most on private land and groomed by volunteers. The Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) and its clubs and members have worked diligently to improve the reputation of snowmobiles and to encourage the respect of the rights of landowners.
“Snowmobiling unites people from all different backgrounds developed between clubs and landowners with the respect for the landowners’ rights and properties that snowmobilers collectively believe in,” said Bob Meyers, the executive director of the MSA.

Snowmobile Festivals, Events and Races for 2012

January 14- 9 a.m. Bangor Vintage Snowmobile Ride
January 19-21 – Snodeo, Rangeley –
January 21- B-52 Annual Memorial Ride, Greenville –
January 28 – USCC Snowmobile Racing, Parlin Pond –
February 10-12 – 13th annual Naples Winter Carnival –
February 17-25 – Greenville Winterfest –
February 17-20 – Katahdin Area WinterFest –
February 18 – USCC Snowmobiling Racing, Madawaska –
February 18- One-lunger 100 Vintage Snowmobile Race, Turner –
February 18-19 – Sebago Ice Fishing Derby, Raymond –
February 25- Family Fun Day – Snow Valley Sno-goers of Andover
March 3- Winterfest – Crystal Lake in Gray
March 17- USCC Snowmobile Racing, Greenville,

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