5 keys to training stress-free

5 Keys to Training Stress-Free

Running and training shouldn’t be stressful. It is very easy to say that you don’t have time, you will go tomorrow, or you will start next week, but that is not a way to achieve your goals. Over the years, I have tried different ways to make going for a run highly efficient and focused, all while getting the results that I want. I have put together 5 easy ways to make going for a run simple:

1  Prep your gear the night before.

Make sure you have your shoes, shorts, tights, jackets, water and other necessary gear lined up so that you can walk out the door without spending time looking for your one sock, or watch. This is the ultimate time suck, especially when you don’t have time.

2  Don’t wait for others.

Many people say that they need to be motivated by others to go train, but do you really? You might talk while you are warming up and when you are done, but that is about it. If you are really training, you can’t talk because you are breathing too hard. Taking time for yourself is not a bad thing! Embrace the peace and quiet as well as focusing just on you!

5 Keys to Training Stress-Free

Photo: Ken Lubin

3 Have a route mapped out.

If you have a certain amount time to run, map out a route. 30min, 45 min, 1hr, or 1hr+ this is a great way to take the time constraints out of the equation and enjoy the experience. Just go!

4 Have a purpose.

Each run should have a purpose. Is it a recovery day? Do you need to do speed work? Are you going for endurance? Make sure you have a purpose for your run.

5  Reward yourself.

Most of us aren’t going to the World Championship or Olympics any time soon, so don’t be afraid to reward yourself for a job well done or finishing a week of accomplishing your running goals. Have a beer, an extra glass of wine or dessert. If you don’t allow yourself these types of indulgences you will go crazy! Life is all about balance.

As a busy traveling executive with kids, I compete with the top guys in multisport events, and using these tactics have worked extremely well for me. Efficiency, focus and purpose are the keys to being a top athlete.

Text: Ken Lubin, Founder of Executive Athletes (www.executiveathletes.com)

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