Winter Horseback Riding

Let’s hear it for Carousel Horse Farm in Casco for an incredible outdoor Maine adventure! My one hour scenic trail ride through open fields and wooded areas was a quintessential experience for a first time rider, like myself. I felt lively and safe riding Rockette, a twenty-four year old black and white spotted female, who seemed to know the trail inside and out. Her coat struck me the moment I saw her, as I could not help but think how she resembled a dalmatian. The company of this sweet four-legged friend, and picturesque view of Mount Washington joined together to create an unforgettable trip. I would prefer this experience over a crowded amusement park any day – an ideal combination of relaxation and excitement!

The trail guide lead on her horse, assisting in mounting, body positioning, holding the reins, leaving and arriving at the hitching post, stopping and turning the horse, and dismounting. I learned just the basics, but it was all new to me. After the trail ride, we lined up the horses so that each one could return to the hitching post. The horse who had been behind me throughout the ride, unexpectedly, rubbed the side of his head against my leg. It was a lovely surprise! Perhaps, for him it was just an itch, but I have always had a deep love and appreciation for animals, and this just confirmed my newest adoration– horses!
To schedule your guided trail ride, beach ride, sunset ride, or snowshoe ride at Carousel Horse Farm, call Tiffany at (207) 627-4471. You can also visit their for additional ride and service details.

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