Winter wellness

Winter Wellness

Are You Fit for the Mountain?
Focus on Function—Train with Purpose
Jeff Hawksley CPT, PES, CES

Fitness Director at The Rangeley Fitness Center

You might think that the physical elements to be skillful at skiing or snowboarding are quite different. In reality, they have several things in common: excellent balance, a strong dynamically active lower body, a stable core and upper body as well as cardiovascular fitness and endurance sufficient to perform skillfully.
Dynamic mobility and flexibility are essential elements that allow the body to move into and out of extreme positions, help prevent injury and allow less energy to be expended. Base cardiovascular fitness will aid the recovery process after demanding runs as well as allow for frequent and intense training off the hill. A strong cardiovascular base is essential for day to day recovery after long days on the hill.
My Ski Prep Fitness class, taught at The Rangeley Fitness Center, uses Dynamic Integrated Circuit training, which is relatively short, specific and intense by integrating several training variables in one session. Jeff recommends working your way to kettlebell swings while standing on a Bosu ball.

Indoor Cycling Classes
at OA Performance Center

Whether you are a seasoned pro getting ready for your first sprint triathlon or just trying to stay fit for winter, cycling is a great low impact way to stay fit. The classes will help you gain fitness to help you complete all of your goals for the following year. Classes run from November 14th to March 31st 2012. Class schedule Mon, Tues, Thurs at 5:45 PM to 7:15 PM Saturday at 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM. FMI

Cage Fitness
Try a full body, muscle toning workout that’s not only FUN, but the newest fitness RAGE. CAGE Fitness has all the benefits of a full contact mixed martial arts work out; without the contact, without the partners and without the injuries.

Winter’s Easier with Pilates
Streamline Pilates

Why are a handful of Mainers going to be happier shoveling snow this winter? Because, they’ve been doing Pilates regularly and instead of aching after clearing the walkway, they’ll be headed out on their favorite adventures! Pilates is an excellent way to gain an edge on all of your cold weather activities, from shoveling snow and chipping ice to carving down Sugarloaf’s Narrow Gauge. For more information, go to

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