Winter Gear Reviews: Liberty Rogue Outdoors, Shiver Shield Extreme

Winter Gear Reviews

Shiver Shield Extreme Cold Weather Gear

by Alex Ribar

Shiver Shield is a line of extreme cold weather gear manufactured to be thin, light, and resistant to the coldest temperatures on earth. Using NASA-inspired technology, the insulation is just three-to-five mm thick and will withstand the cold better than any other gear on the market. Shiver Shield also stands behind their jackets and pants with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  

In March 2018, Liberty Rogue Outdoors put the Shiver Shield Extreme Cold Weather Gear to the test. I personally spent two days and two nights testing this product on a mountain near my home here in Maine. My only clothing was the Shiver Shield jacket and pants.  I used a tarp for shelter and did not use a sleeping bag. I slept on the ground with just the Shiver Shield gear, a good pair of cold weather boots and gloves as well as the Shiver Shield Beanie.  I was comfortable and warm all night!

Shiver Shield has been featured on the CBS show “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation,” where the host of the program was sprayed down with liquid nitrogen.  That’s -320 degrees Fahrenheit!  The clothing remained pliable and did not get brittle and the host remained protected throughout the ordeal.

Alex Ribar's promo video and complete review of Shiver Shield Extreme Cold Weather Gear

For extreme cold weather adventures, such as ice fishing, snowmobiling and hunting, Liberty Rogue Outdoors highly recommends Shiver Shield gear.  I personally feel you can go further, stay outside longer, and fulfill your quest. 

For more information on Shiver Shield and the products they offer, go to 

Watch Shiver Shield in Action
Check out Alex’s promo video and complete review here:

Yaktrax Summit
Yaktrax Summit

By Lafe Low

Walking or hiking anywhere in Maine is often a bruise-and-embarrassment-inducing exercise once the temperature hovers steadily below the freezing mark. The wisest walkers among us will equip ourselves with a pair of Yaktrax traction cleats. These beauties will have you saying, “Ice? What ice?”

Yaktrax Diamond Grip

There’s a whole range of burliness levels for the different Yaktrax models, from commuting down Congress Street in Portland to summiting Old Speck on a day that would keep the Yeti in his cave. The line includes the Walk, Run, Pro, Diamond Grip, Summit, and Ski models. The lower models are fine for ensuring you won’t perform a dramatic pratfall as you’re entering the office, but the Diamond Grip and Summit are the ones for more serious—and safe—winter hiking. The Ski model, as the name implies, is to keep you similarly attached to Mother Earth while walking from your car to the chairlift. Ski ($20), Diamond Grip ($45), The Summit ($90)

Yaktrax Ski
Yaktrax Ski

Secure Your Size

As with any footwear, even an accessory like this, sizing is critical. Yaktrax recommends adding two sizes for insulated boots like Sorels or something like that. For regular hiking boots, the general S, M, L, XL, XXL should be fairly accurate. 

by Carey Kish

From the packed snow of groomed tracks to the variable conditions in the wooded hills and mountains—for all but the most technical terrain, really—MSR Evo Trail snowshoes are up to the task, as they have reliably been for more than two decades and for untold numbers of confident users. The Evo Trails feature a super versatile binding that are easy to get in and out of with gloved hands, and accept a wide variety of winter boot types. Bonus: the bindings lay flat and are easily strapped to your pack. The eight-inch wide, 22-inch long plastic decking accommodates many different users (body weights, gear carried) and snow conditions (hard pack to deep powder). Use the six-inch tail extensions for even greater flotation. Full-length steel traction blades, molded braking bars and toe crampons offer secure purchase. For extended snowshoe adventures, extra straps, strap clips and the tiny repair kit are recommended.  

MSR Evo Snowshoes

Retail price: $139  (the Float Tails are an additional $49)

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